Marvin Gunderman, Instructor

I work at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario. I’ve been there for 22 years. I have a very interesting job that combines my love for teaching entomology with my role as Manager of Technical Services. That means I manage a group of amazing staff members who set up and troubleshoot all of the undergraduate labs in Biology. I also help researchers with equipment breakdowns and building issues. I am never bored and love coming to work!

On the pedagogical side I teach Insect Taxonomy/Ecology for the Ontario Universities Program in field Biology (OUPFB) at the Queen’s University Biological Station near Elgin, Ontario. I have taught this course for 18 years. I also teach insect modules at home and abroad (Honduras in 2009 and Costa Rica in 2010). I also lecture and run tutorials about insects in several undergraduate courses at McMaster University.

I am a very happy man. I have a great job. I am happily married to a woman who defines pulchritude in everything that she does. I have a great family and true friends that support me, stimulate me, make me laugh and make fun of me. I love listening to music (mostly vinyl) and macro-photography.

Because I have been on this planet for over 50 years I also know how precious life is and how important it is to enjoy your family and friends now. I’ve been to too many funerals already. My uncle told me often while he was alive that “you won’t believe how fast your life goes by”.  He’s right. I feel and act like I’m 26 years old. But a look into the mirror confuses me. The mirror man doesn’t look like me!

Maybe I’m not qualified to offer advice. But here it goes anyway: follow your passion, eat well, drink well and visit those you love often. Try to live your life through balance and compromise. Fight the natural urge to be selfish. Laugh as much as you can!

Dave K.B. Cheung, Instructor

Instagram @entodkb

DKBAs a child, Dave Cheung spent most of his days rigging up electronics in unforeseeable ways and chasing insects with a net. He now blends his passions of entomology, technology, and education. Dave has worked as a collection manager at the Natural History Museum of Denmark and has experience teaching numerous entomology courses including, the University of Guelph, University of Copenhagen, Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology and Niagara College. Dave is now focused on building DKB Digital Designs which is dedicated to developing educational software such as Bugdex and BugFinder.

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