We consider ourselves very lucky to have the opportunity to teach a field course that attracts a small number of passionate students. We are very grateful for their positive verbal feedback over the years and we are especially thrilled when students take the time to express their opinions in course evaluations and public forums.

The following testimonials are extracted from ratemyprofessors.com.

“An awesome course. Dave (the TA) was awesome, Marvin was great! Both of them were very inspiring. Marvin truly makes you want to become an entomologist. Dave is the best photographer that I have ever known. Both of them are great!I recommend the course to anyone who has any care about nature. The course will blow your MIND!!!!!!!”

– Anonymous Student 2011 

“Marvin Gunderman rocks! He is fantastically inspiring, his devout interest in insects reflects his personal values and complements his aspiration to teach. Such a thrill to have been a student. A pulchritudinous example of a individual you will not forget.”

– Anonymous Student 2011 

“MARVIN is one of the best profs out there. He will convert you into an insect-loving naturalist. Marv and Dave (TA) are a golden team. Not only do you learn SO MUCH about insects, but Marvin also makes the course so fun and enjoyable. If you’re looking for a field course to take, look no more, because Marvin’s Insect Taxonomy is your ANSWERRR.”

– Anonymous Student 2011 

“Marvin is an incredible Professor. He is very knowledgeable, approachable, understanding, funny, and passionate about entomology. This is likely the only course where you can learn a lot and have fun at the same time. Definitely the best course I have taken in my undergrad. Also if you are lucky enough to have Dave as a TA then its a huge plus!”

– Anonymous Student 2013 

“Sup. Marvin is one of the best profs McMaster has to offer. His field course on entomology is an incredible experience. He is very approachable and creates a comfortable atmosphere optimal for learning. Couldn’t recommend this course more. Dave Cheung was our TA, and only added to the best qualities of Marvin and this course. Jenn was the bomb too.”

– Anonymous Student 2011 

“Marvin was an insightful and encouraging professor for the insect field course. Always interested in the students, what we brought to the table and interacting with us. Definitely one of my favourite professors so far in my studies; highly recommended if you are looking for a socially engaging, intellectual and helpful teacher!!”

– Anonymous Student 2010

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